EYE Captivating

Nowadays, I am experimenting new techniques to enhance more my skills in illustrating. Found a new one using a pencil which is called charcoal drawing. A beginner on this type of drawing! Not that mastered it yet. 

Lately, I've been loving a popping feature which the background needs to be in gray or black and white. Then, the feature to be focused is highlighted and in color.

Now, pencil drawing is done and the eye make-up/ eye shadow should be the focus.

Purple, Lavender, Violet Eye Make-up.

Green, Blue - Peacock like Eye Make-up.

Yellow, Orange, Red - Firey like Eye Make-up.

Obsessed with what's with the eye. As what they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul. And it is. You can see what the person is feeling base what his/ her eyes are telling. 

Let the eyes do the talking!

Materials used:

Fabriano Watercolor Paper
Reeves Watercolor
Royal-Art Handmade Brush (Round Brush #6, #12)
Colleen 3030 Pencil (3H, HB, 6B)

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