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Lady In Blue Faux Fur

Going Faux Fur this February? Why not, it is a necessity! 
And Blue? Go girl as it is Royalty!
Bold. Chic. Cozy. All for this Love Month.

In a small bowl, put small amount of Reeves Watercolor Ivory Black and sufficient amount of water to create a light grayish color. 
Note: We won't be using any pencil on  this illustration as we want as freely, flowy illustration.
Draw the eyebrow on the upper part in the Canson Watercolor Paper. Then, the eyes without the eye wing. Next, do the nose holes, mouth, shape of the face, and neck. Let it dry.
For the hair, start inches away from upper of the brows to create forehead. Start at the center, then going down that covers half of the face. Just freely create small, bold wavy hair strands. Let it dry.
Add more Reeves Watercolor Ivory Black on the water for a darker gray color. 
For the hair, top it with the darker shade with big, bold wavy hair strands. Let id dry.
Add more Reeves Watercolor Ivory Black on the water to pop ivory black color and make …

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