Night Sky in the Wilderness

Every time the sun sets, the surrounding eats up by darkness and the moon rises to give a light, I always feel that it needs me, it calls me. It gives me different perspective in life that relaxes my mentality, physicality, and spirituality. A dimension I am during the night. It let me appreciate, understand and accept everything what's on my mind.

So, it let me create an illustration as shown below. 

Night Sky In The Wilderness by @diyanpol.

I used a technique to create a more natural way of copying the nature's best views at night in the wilderness. 

And the illustration shown above is a request of a friend and I put his name on the middle.

Materials used:

Reeves Watercolor
Pentel Poster -White
Fabriano Watercolor Paper
Royal-Art Handmade Brush #9, #12

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Instagram: @diyanpol
Pinterest: Handie Fashionie
Youtube: Jan-pol Pacol


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