Sunflower in Gouache

When there's a storm, there's a rainbow and a sun that will shine our way.

It has been more than a week already and my blog is quiet. No posts available! I apologize for it. Last September 14 this year (2018), a typhoon named "Ompong" hit where I live (Philippines especially Luzon Northern area) and my province was one of the affected area. Due to heavy rain and wind, electricity was shut down and no access to any of my social media accounts especially my blog. However, here I am, posting and doing fine (I am safe and my family)!

During the typhoon and after, I just wanted to paint. And what came to mind at first was to paint a flower that symbolizes hope, love and joy - a sunflower. This flower means a lot to me. It gives me light and brightens my day. 

Sunflower in Gouache by @diyanpol.

Sunflower in Gouache by @diyanpol.
The illustration / painting shown above, I used another medium which is Gouache. I am new to it and I hope I did well. It is like a watercolor that has a transparency feature when added more water and an acrylic that creates opaque picture. This kind of medium is my kind of new favorite. (Insert Smiley and Heart emoticon)

Firstly in one hole of my palette, I put water and a small amount of lemon yellow gouache to make small petals of a sunflower just to lighten and make a shadowy effect. On the other side, I used my other palette and put white, medium yellow and lemon yellow. Then as it dry, I layered it with white gouache mixed with a drop of water to create petals. Next, I used first the lemon yellow without any mix to create an acrylic feel of the petals. After, I used the medium yellow on the right sides of the petals.

For the center (seeds), I used chocolate brown in dots form. Then, layered with burnt sienna and ivory black after.

For the leaves and stem, I used leaf green, emerald, dark green, white and burnt sienna. Firstly, I mixed burnt sienna with little amount of water. Then, I layered it with leaf green. Next was emerald green, then dark green. Lastly, I mixed white with water and lined it to create appeal and more catchy.

So now, be a sunflower to everyone in everything everywhere!

Materials used:

Reeves Gouache
Brown Paper
Royal-Art Handmade Brush #9

Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: @diyanpol
Pinterest: Handie Fashionie
Youtube: Jan-pol Pacol


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