Fashion Week

Fashion Week is the busiest weeks of all fashion capitals in the world starting New York to London to Milan and ends to Paris. When we say fashion week, we always think of designer goods, models, editors, influencers, photographers and many people going around the busiest streets of the said major fashion capitals. Nowadays, street fashion is the key to be noticed for going extra and be a major appeal for cameras. Before it starts, major preparation to be made. But the major problem is on what to wear in each shows you'll be attending. To sit on front row, to socialize with the likes, to be a street star, to own your style.

Because this past weeks, fashion week is a major for Spring/Summer 2019 so I illustrated major outfits to wear in red and pink with a touch of purple and accessorize  it with an extra hat (see below).

Every fashion week we tend to look forward what's up with every brand to buy and what they can offer to the market. We tend to know the ins and major trends to follow. 

Thanks to the modernity of things such social media, live streaming, instant upload and others that keep us in touch in a second and never left out with what's with fashion week in every brands we admire and we love.

It has been a dream for me to be part of every fashion show in the world especially on major fashion capitals - New York, London, Milan and Paris. The adrenaline to go on time in every back-to-back-to-back shows where you need a quick outfit change inside your car and keep running before the show starts. Also, to see the models of the season especially the supermodels walking and the special people in the fashion world such Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, and other icons and editors and influencers. 

Materials used:

Reeves Watercolor
Winsor and Newton Watercolor
Fabriano Watercolor Paper
Royal-Art Handmade Round Brush #9, #12 

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