Night Sky

It has been more than a week with no posts in my blog. I have been busy this past week and unable to make time to post one. It is like I owe you guys. I apologize for that matter. 

The illustration shown above is what I visualize my nights would be. I am longing for a night full of colors that every color symbolizes what I feel. I always have this vision that one day I go outside and look up and see colors not just black and white, the moon and the stars giving light. I always wanted to get lost in the universe trying different things which will made my night like a 5 year kid enjoying and playing. The endless laughter, the invisible friends and the countless ideas to help ourselves to be happy and what the world would it be. It is all about the ideal and the imagination we try to produce.

Today, it is okay to relax. Enjoying the view from above. Be alone sipping your favorite tea at the veranda as the nature be your music. 

Materials used:

Winsor and Newton Watercolor
Reeves Watercolor
Canson Watercolor Paper
Royal-Art Handmade Brush (Round) #12, #9

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